SITS Development

Whether you are implementing something new or enhancing existing configuration, our SITS development experts can guide you down the right path and create the solutions you want and need.

Get in touch via the contact link so we can discuss your needs some more.

Configuration Review

There is no denying the power that can be unleashed using the SITS configuration tools, but due to the flexibility and complexity on offer things don't always go to plan. We can be there to assist you when things go wrong, but why wait until then?

Be proactive and let us review your configuration for common pitfalls to help ensure your implementation is production ready.

Training & Support

Need to train up new staff in the SITS configuration toolset, or upskill existing staff with the skills required for a new project? We’re on hand to make sure you get to grips with the right tools for the job using real world examples relevant to your implementation.

That's not all, our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the configuration tools can assist you in getting past and triaging any issues faced by your developers. We are here to help in whatever way we can.

Our Specialities

Here at Hive Mind Solutions, we pride ourselves in our expert knowledge of SITS which in some areas is second-to-none. Checkout our Team page to review individual's specific areas of expertise.

Our Expertise Speaks For Itself

Alongside specific product areas highlighted on our Team page, below are some of the tool-sets where we pride ourselves on excellence.

Stu-Talk 2.0. 100%
Tasking 100%
Workflow 100%
SRL 100%